Is George Eads married?

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The short answer to the big question on many ladies minds, is George Eads married, would be a simple no answer. George Eads who plays the part of Nick Stokes in the hit TV series of CSI is one of the Hollywood hunks, so to speak with a huge fan base. There are so many people asking the question, is he married or not however most of his die-hard fans could already tell you the answer to that. Born in 1967 he is hitting the big 44 next years however George is still in top shape for an older man. Still without a ring on his finger you might hazard a guess that George is committed to his career rather than chasing anybody for the long term.

George Eads does have a committed partner however so for those of you waiting to be asked to marry him, there is little to no hope in that happening. According to several online sources, George is ready to be tying the knot soon with his now fiancée whose name is Monica Casey. Apparently she is the one for him since she offer him plenty of space and privacy to do the things that he loves to do including making sure that his acting career goes on.

There are also other rumors stating that George and Monica are going to get married soon next year however this is all hear say at the moment with no proof given to justify the rumor. Once there is facts you will be the first to know and this site will publish the details of what is going to happen regarding the proposal, the wedding plans and the date.

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