Interesting Facts about George Eads

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George Eads is one of the most renown American actors. He was born on March 1, 1967, in Forth Worth, Texas. His acting career started when he was very young, right after he moved to Los Angeles. George Eads became renown worldwide for the crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, in which he portrayed Nick Stokes. While his career has always been on the spotlight, there are still many things that people do not know about George Eads. Especially for his fans, here are some interesting facts about George Eads, to get to know your favorite actor better.

Prior to his acting career, George Eads worked as a copy machine salesman. This was just before his career took of, but he always knew that he wanted to be an actor. What many people fail to know is that George Eads had quite a tumultuous life. He was even fired from CSI once, because he did not show up for work. Some people thought that that was an attempt to raise his salary, but after he issued a public apology, stating that he had simply overslept, the producers came back to their senses and rehired him. Besides acting, George Eads also gets revenues from other businesses. He is part owner of the Hollywood eatery ‘CineSpace’, a place where people can both dine and watch movies. George Eads also owns several apartments, in Santa Monica, where he moved to in 2003.

Regarding his hobbies, know that George Eads is very passionate about cars and motorcycles. he owns to Harley Davidsons, a Cadillac Escalade and a Porche 911. You may say that he is quite the speed junkie. George Eads is also fond of animals. He has a beautiful Labrador retriever, Maverick, which he loves a lot. Another particularly interesting fact about George Eads is that he and his wife, Monika Casey, met on a blind date. They wedded in 2011, and they seem to be extremely happy together. George Eads does not have any kids yet, but he has two nephews that he adores: Marshall and Coleman. George Eads is surely a man to look up to, as he fought for what he wanted and got it.

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