George Eads In Savannah

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Savannah is a drama television series which enjoyed a great success in the United States. The prime time television drama ran on The WB channel between 1996 and 1997. Savannah was created by Constance M. Burge and it stars Shannon Sturges, Robyn Lively, Jamie Luner, as well as Paul Satterfield, David Gail, Beth Toussaint and George Eads. Two seasons of the television series were aired in the US, including 34 episodes.

The plot of the television show is quite interesting, while George Eads’ performance is surely great. Action is set in the city of Savannah, in Georgia. It is focused on the lives of 3 female friends. They are Reese Burton, Lane McKenzie, as well as Peyton. Lane becomes a famous journalist after graduating from college, but she returns home for the wedding of Reese, who used to be her best friend in childhood. The whole action becomes quite interesting from this point.

In this television series, George Eads plays the role of Travis, who stoles Lane’s fortune. He actually is the man to whom Reese is getting married. Travis Peterson has an affair with Peyton, who is a friend of the future bride. Peyton wants to marry for money, so the friendship between her and Reese cannot stay in her way to obtain money from Travis. At some point during the television show, Travis will be found dead. In season 2, George Eads will interpret Travis’s twin brother, Nick. The twins are naturally identical.

A popular television show, Savannah enjoyed quite a great success when it was first aired in the US. George Eads achieved a wonderful performance in the television show, one that fans, as well as movie producers, surely appreciated. This is a role that made George a worldwide known and appreciated movie star, so there is no wonder that he was soon featured in numerous other acting projects, including the famous CSI series.

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