George Eads If you are a fan of television, especially drama, you can’t help but notice the athletic, handsome George Eads who stars in CSI. In addition to being talented, George is also a lady stunner. Be that as it may, he is engaged to his long time girlfriend of six years, Monika Casey, whose relationship bond strengthened when she stood by him as he went through a back operation to fix a herniated disk.

George grew up in Belton despite being born in Fort Worth, Texas. While at Belton School he completed his education and graduated in 1985. He advanced his education where he graduated with a marketing degree from Texas Tech University in 1989. He was actively involved in the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity while at college. George was so determined to pursue his acting career that he borrowed his father’s truck and drove down to Los Angeles, California. His breakthrough was in the soap opera Savannah. He gained so much popularity that he earned other slots in television films hence widening his career scope. George was barely thirty when he rose to a superstar. He is however known as Nick Stokes in the hit series CSI where he acts as a forensic sleuth.

Controversial issues broke out in 2004 that lead to his exit from the CSI series as a result of alleged contract disputes. However, these disputes did not last long as he was hired again by CBS after a one week period though he was not given a salary increment. He has so remarkably excelled in his acting career that he received four nominations of which he won the outstanding performance in the drama series CSI in 2005. Additionally, he was voted as one of the sexiest TV guide stars but he did not win. He was however thankful to his fans and appreciated them for regarding him as sexy.

He is passionate about acting and he says that his drive for this career began when he was still a young boy. You may wonder how he managed to tactfully play his role in the CSI series. This he attributes to his harrowing encounter with thieves while working in Dallas. However, he has revealed that the homicides depicted in the series have often caused him nightmares.

Although he is notably known in the hit drama CSI, George was a guest star on ER. Additionally, he took part in films such as Crowned and Dangerous, Monte Walsh, Grapevine, Second String, Just a Walk in the Park among many others. Like some people, George is not a morning person. He is known to boast of a huge fan base which continues to grow by the day.