George Eads: Crowned and Dangerous

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Crowned and Dangerous is one of the most popular movies in which George Eads has starred until today. The movie was released in 1997. It is based on a true story, which surely contributed to the success of this movie.


Crowned and Dangerous starred numerous famous actors. Below you can find the cast of the movie:

  • Yasmine Bleeth in the role of Danielle Stevens;
  • Jill Clayburgh in the role of Cathy Stevens;
  • Cassidy Rae in the role of Shauna Langley;
  • Gates McFadden in the role of Patrice;
  • Geroge Eads in the role of Riley Baxter;
  • Scott Foley in the role of Matt;
  • Oliver Muirhead in the role of Carla.


The plot of the movie is really interesting. Danielle Stevens is an aspiring beauty queen who is capable of doing anything to obtain the so wanted title. A beauty queen is murdered in the movie, while Riley is suspected to be the author of this crime. However, by the end of the movie, viewers will find out that the actual criminal was Danielle.

Danielle was sentenced to lifelong imprisonment. When the movie was filmed, this woman was still in jail, serving her sentence. Naturally, this aspect gave the entire movie a certain credit and it surely made it extremely interesting.


With his performance in this movie, George Eads has proved once again that he truly is a great actor. Watch his work in Crowned and Dangerous and you will see for yourself!

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George Eads In Savannah

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Savannah is a drama television series which enjoyed a great success in the United States. The prime time television drama ran on The WB channel between 1996 and 1997. Savannah was created by Constance M. Burge and it stars Shannon Sturges, Robyn Lively, Jamie Luner, as well as Paul Satterfield, David Gail, Beth Toussaint and George Eads. Two seasons of the television series were aired in the US, including 34 episodes.

The plot of the television show is quite interesting, while George Eads’ performance is surely great. Action is set in the city of Savannah, in Georgia. It is focused on the lives of 3 female friends. They are Reese Burton, Lane McKenzie, as well as Peyton. Lane becomes a famous journalist after graduating from college, but she returns home for the wedding of Reese, who used to be her best friend in childhood. The whole action becomes quite interesting from this point.

In this television series, George Eads plays the role of Travis, who stoles Lane’s fortune. He actually is the man to whom Reese is getting married. Travis Peterson has an affair with Peyton, who is a friend of the future bride. Peyton wants to marry for money, so the friendship between her and Reese cannot stay in her way to obtain money from Travis. At some point during the television show, Travis will be found dead. In season 2, George Eads will interpret Travis’s twin brother, Nick. The twins are naturally identical.

A popular television show, Savannah enjoyed quite a great success when it was first aired in the US. George Eads achieved a wonderful performance in the television show, one that fans, as well as movie producers, surely appreciated. This is a role that made George a worldwide known and appreciated movie star, so there is no wonder that he was soon featured in numerous other acting projects, including the famous CSI series.

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George Eads in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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George Eads is one of the most famous American television actors at the moment. The star remains extremely well known for his role in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. This is a television series that airs on CBS since 2000. The series has reached its 13th season, including no less than 293 episodes. George Eads has starred in all seasons of this television show, which surely is an important part of the actor’s career.


In CSI: Crime Scene Investigation George Eads plays the role of Nick Stokes. He appears in the great majority of episodes, in fact missing only 5 episodes out of the 293 already aired. The star has also signed a contract to appear throughout the entire 13th season of the show. The story of Nick Stokes is quite interesting. He had a happy childhood, having a very close relationship with his father. However, at the age of 9 George has been through a traumatic event. He was molested by a female babysitter. This event has left trauma in Nick’s life, who always has trouble when investigating crimes that involve children.

The story of Nick Stokes becomes even more interesting once he joins the successful CSI team in Las Vegas. Nick proves to possess a natural empathy, unlike many of this colleagues, being able to offer comfort to the victims or the individuals affected by different crimes. Even though this technique is not much appreciated by his colleagues, Nick always proves that it can be extremely efficient. He is one of the best detectives of the team and due to his intuition numerous cases have been solved.

Two of the most interesting episodes in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation are the ones in season 5, Grave Danger. The two episodes in cause are directed by Quentin Tarantino. What happens now is that Nick is kidnapped himself, being buried alive in a glass coffin, filled with explosives. The two episodes are really interesting, while George Eads’ performance is great.

When it comes to romance, Nick seems to never find the right lady. Actually, during the series the star has an affair with a prostitute, while a woman he dated once was murdered later that night. Nick was a suspect back then, but of course he managed to solve the case. Throughout the entire show women are murdered after being in a way or another romantically linked to Nick.

George Eads’ performance in CSI has always been great. There is no wonder after all that the actor has starred in this television series for so many years. Fans were pleased to find out last summer that George will also star throughout the entire 13th season of CSI. George recently declared that 13th season of the show was quite a challenge for both the writers and the actors. The star said that writing new, believable stories is not as simple as it may seem.

“I just think our writing, sometimes it gets a little goofy. We got to try to keep it real. It’s the truth man, I’m not trying to call them out, but sometimes our writing can be a little fishy,” the actor declared. “How many good episodes can you continue to write that people will be interested in? So I think maybe we’ll get into the characters a little bit more, maybe we’ll make some of the cases not so cut and dry,” he added according to Uk.Tv. Keeping the character fresh after 13 years in the show is not simple either, George claimed. The actor said that you have to keep on inventing yourself, which can be really challenging.

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George Eads – Starring Roles

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George Eads is one of the most famous television actors at the moment. The star became best known for his role in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, but throughout the years, George has been cast in numerous other television series. Below you can find a list of the main such series.

1. Crowned and Dangerous

Crowned and Dangerous is a popular made for TV movie released in 1997. The movie is based on a true story. It stars Yasmine Bleeth, Cassidy Rae, George Eads and Jill Clayburgh. In this movie, George plays the role of Riley Baxter.


2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

As already mentioned, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the most famous television series in which George Eads has been cast until today. In fact, this is the acting project that has made George a true star. The series stars William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Jorja Fox, Gay Dourdan and George Eads. The success of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is undeniable. There is no shock in the fact that this series has been aired for no less than 13 seasons, including 290 episodes. The show was created by Anthony E. Zuiker and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.


3. Savannah

Savannah is a drama television series that aired for 2 seasons between 1996 and 1997. The series includes 34 episodes. It stars Shannon Sturges, Robyn Lively, Jamie Luner, Paul Satterfield, David Gail, Beth Toussaint, Ray Wise and George Eads. It was directed by Aaron Spelling. In this television show George Eads has actually interpreted two roles, the one of Travis Peterson and Nick Corelli.


4. Just a Walk in the Park

Just a Walk in the Park is a television movie released in 2002. The movie stars George Eads and Jane Krakowski. It aired on ABC Family. The movie was directed by Steven Schachter.


5. Monte Walsh

Monte Walsh is a television film released in 2003. The Western movie was directed by Simon Wincer. It stars Tom Selleck, Isabella Rosellini, Keith Carradine and George Eads. This movie is about two long-time cowboys. Their lives change when they become involved with rustling and killing. The action is absolutely great. In this movie, George plays the role of Shorty Austin.


With all these performances, George Eads has proved to be a great actor. He manages to impress with his performances, but also with his skills. There is no wonder after all that George has so many fans worldwide.

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A Video Approach on George Eads’s Career

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We all know George Eads from CSI, but this is not the show that got the actor started in his career. In order to have a better understanding of the ways in which George Eads has evolved over the years, here is a collection of videos in which you can see the actor interpreting different roles:

  • Savannah – American prime time drama series aired in the period 1996-1997. George Eads played the role of Travis Peterson in the pilot and of Nick Corelli in the rest of the show.

  • Crowned and Dangerous – made-for-TV movie from 1997, in which the actor played the role of Riley Baxter.

  • Second String – direct-to-TV movie from 2002, in which George Eads played the role of Tommy Baker.

  • Evel Knievel - a movie based on the story of the famous entertainer with the same name, which was released in 2004 and in which the actor played the lead role.

  • CSI - the latest and most noteworthy apparition of George Eads, started in 2000 and still continuing. In the series, the actor plays the role of Nick Stokes.

These are just some of the main roles that George Eads has had over the years, as you can imagine that there have been many more. These apparitions showcase the evolution of the actor and the contributions that he had made to the entertainment industry since the start of his career and until now and which will surely be continued in the future.

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George Eads In TV Series

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George Eads is a very well known actor to the world of television entertainment. He started out his career with roles in television series and became one of the most frequent actors of the small screen. Throughout his career so far, Eads has had numerous leading and secondary roles in TV series of great impact. These have been the ones to mark his career and to build a great reputation for him in the industry. The roles he started in have been very successful due to the fact that he is very talented and has a great on screen charisma.

In 1995, George Eads started with his first television program – Strange Luck, in which he played the role of J. R. Dean. From this point on, he began to be noticed by bigger and bigger producers and to be introduced to even more roles in successful TV series. In the period 1996-1997, he played the part of Nick Corelli / Travis Peterson in Savannah for 25 episodes. In between the parts received for TV series, Eads also starred in various TV movie productions, which have raised his standard of an amazing television actor even more. Therefore, he grew more and more in his acting reputation over the years.



From 1997 until 1998, Eads played another important role in a highly successful TV series – paramedic Greg Powell in ER. Due to the fact that this was such an acclaimed television program, the actor solidified his status and became a household name of the entertainment industry in television. Until 2000, when he began filming for the series Grapevine, as Thumper Klein, Eads had roles in TV movies and was also a part of various other types of productions, such as video games. In 2004, he received the role of Captain Atom / Nathaniel Adams in Justice League.

After all these installments, the role that finally made him known to an even larger audience came as Nick Stokes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The value of the series has made all the actors involved in it become even more famous. The role of Nick Stokes is one that has made Eads’ career and through which he was able to showcase the fact that he is a truly talented actor and a professional. Nick Stokes is a Level 3 CSI. He is considered to be the character with the least amount of personal drama, but the one with the highest passion level of them all. Through the way in which George Eads has managed to bring the character to life, he has shown the fact that he has perfect acting skills and that he is an actor here to stay for the long run.

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George Eads Is An Ambitious Man

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George Eads is an American actor, famous for his role on crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The actor was born March 1, 1967, in Fort Worth, Texas, United States and grew up in Belton. His sister is a lawyer and his stepfather a gynaecologist. Eads graduated from Belton High School and also Texas Tech University, with a degree in marketing. Before becoming an actor, he worked as a copy machine salesman and also old safety and first aid supplies. Nonetheless, George didn’t give up and to purse his acting career, he moved to Los Angels, California with a pickup truck of his stepfather. The first role that he had was in soap opera Savannah. Later, he worked for many other films such as Yasmine Bleeth and Crowned and Dangerous.

In 2000, Eads has the incredible chance to be one of the leading characters of the CSI series, portraying a forensic scientist named Nick Stones. Even his role was incredibly successful, Eads also played in many television films, being very ambitious and trying to become an appreciated actor. Monte Walsh and Evel Knievel are only a few of the most known films in which he acted, but there are many others. He is not only a great actor, but also a charming man, so he was voted as one of the TV Guide’s Sexiest Male Actors. The actor has a lot of fans who also consider him very sweet and kind, but also very sexy. Eads also had a guest-starring rile in Two and A Half Men, as a wedding reception guest on “Fish in a Drawer”.

Additionally, George Eads has also appeared in many commercials and is one of the most appreciated celebrities today. He was also several times nominated and received many awards. Nonetheless, his career has just started to began as he has a lot of things to do to be considered one of the best Hollywood actors. George Eads is also very ambitious and has known from the start what he wanted, so he went to Los Angeles, where he had great chances to succeed. Moreover, this actor is determined to work as much as possible in order to become a famous and important actor, but he already got the looks and the talent, so it won’t be very difficult for him to achieve such a performance.

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